Principal Investigator

Professor Mark Pitt


Phone: 614-292-4193

Graduate Students

Heather Daly


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2019
  • M.A. Experimental Psychology, James Madison University, 2017
  • B.A. Psychology, Ball State University, 2014

My current research looks at the mechanisms underlying auditory selective attention and factors driving individual differences in those mechanisms, such as working memory. I am also interested in the influence of musical training on various perceptual and cognitive processes, and is working on developing new tools to measure musical experience. Outside of the lab, I love trying new recipes, exploring new places, and playing embarrassingly old video games.

Marjorie Freggens


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2018
  • B.A. Psychology, Georgia State University, 2014

I am interested in speech perception and language understanding, as well as the commonalities in musical processing. In the past I have worked on understanding the mechanisms of transfer effects between music and language experts. My current research focuses on the perceptual organization of speech: how we use the acoustic, phonetic, and grouping cues in the signal to organize the continuous information into words and phrases. I am also interested in the mechanisms involved in processing speech compared to nonspeech. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading fiction novels, playing board games, and coloring. I am also learning how to play the guitar.

Hannah Shatzer


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2015
  • B.A. Psychology & Music, Luther College, 2013

My dissertation research investigates neuroplasticity during deafness and its relationship to speech perception abilities in adults receiving cochlear implants. I am also interested in the integration of auditory and visual speech signals in face-to-face communication, and the neural underpinnings of audiovisual integration in individuals with hearing loss versus those with normal hearing. My work utilizes both behavioral and EEG techniques. I enjoy playing oboe and English horn around Columbus in my free time, and I also love traveling and baking treats for the lab.

Undergraduate Students

Julia Bencko

  • B.A. Psychology, expected 2020

Zhiyu Bu

  • B.A. Psychology (minor: Neuroscience), expected 2020

Sage Ciccarelli

  • B.A. Psychology (minors: French & Business), expected 2020

Prachiti Garge

  • B.S. Data Analytics & Psychology, expected 2021

Lauren Garner

  • B.S. Psychology (minor: Linguistics), expected 2021

Yazhao Huang

  • B.A. Psychology (minor: Linguistics), expected 2022

Jena Jackson

  • B.A. Psychology, expected 2020

Meili Leung

  • B.S. Psychology, expected 2022

Leah Marek

  • B.S. Psychology, expected 2022

Vasudha Raju

  • B.A. Psychology & Linguistics, expected 2020

Elizabeth Troiano

  • B.S. Psychology & Linguistics (minor: Italian), expected 2020

Zhixin (Annie) Zhou

  • B.A. Psychology (minor: Comparative Studies), expected 2022

Lab Mascots




Abigail Benecke

Adam Thomas

Christine Szostak

Dahee Kim

Beau Stephens

Erik Tracy

Laura Dilley

Lisa Contos Shoaf

Katherine Love Smith

Gary Starr

Shawn Weil